My little kid used to have a slit on his pajama, just right for me to view his tutut :-) then my husband fixed it just the other night so I won't always make fool out of it. It's not that I don't like fixing those kinds of stuff but I think I'm not that good into it. Good thing he knows it.. :-)

Then the next day, as my little boy woke up.. he kept on teasing me that his pants are already fixed. Then I ask him, how come it's Tatay who fixed it.. why not me? He just smiled and I turn back on him. After a few minutes I heard him saying to his sister. "It's because.. Nanay is still young!" hahaha

Actually I find it funny but later realized, what does "young" means? doesn't know everything? hmmm maybe I should start to learn those things now so I won't no longer be tagged as young, and so the word "young" be replaced as "expert".
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