I was shocked when I heard the news today about the passing of my favorite child star (now an actress), Princess Sarah-Camille Pratts's husband. He was so young at the age of 31 to die of cancer and I felt so sad especially for their 3years old son. Not only were their ages but also their relationship was too young. But I believe that God has reason for allowing this to happen.

This strucked me to remind me at most to take care of myself well. When I was about to resign from work, a lot of people are kept on telling me that staying at home could make me look 10 years older than my age and I also knew lots of women who really became that one too. But now that I experienced to be S-A-H-M, my new point of view is that, how you look is a choice. If you want to look good at your age then you must act, still be responsible on keeping yourself healthy. As much as possible, make eveyday an enjoying day and you must like what your doing to be happy. I think that's the key, be happy. Whenever I encounter problems in life, aside from asking God to be by my side, I used the internet technology to search for the best technique on how to deal with it. And I now drink lots and lots of water everyday, for I believe in the healing power of water.

Even if you're not a stay at home type, if the attitude and outlook in life is not good, it can happen to look 10 years older than the age. So start now, make a choice!
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  1. Dhemz Says:

    I agree...we should take care of ourselves....:)

    I saw it on the buzz last night...t'was tragic...may he will rest in peace.

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