Today's the 17th birthday of my niece Agnes, so I (and my kids) thought to give her something. Since we have many cookies given by a friend, we decided to give her one. Then my eldest suggested to create a note along with the cookie.

Then after doing all this stuff, the three went to their house which is around 2 blocks from ours. About 2 1/2 hours that passed, Jom came rushing to get some clothes. Their aunt is inviting to join them at church and eat out later. I even joked at him, oh why are you leaving me here alone? don't you want me to be here anymore.. then he said, "no Mom it won't take long, will be back in a short while, just can't resist Aunt's invitation". That was just a joke but honestly I felt a little sad when he left. It's not that I don't want them to be with them, but I'll miss them. I'll be left alone here at home.

At 6pm, my other Sister-in-law came asking me to join them, but I alreary started cooking our viand for the night and still up washing the clothes. Alas, but this is the consequences of poor time management during the entire day. Today's not that good for my kids, I'm so short tempered due to stress.

But then again, as I stay here alone now, I realized that sometimes it's nice to be away from each other for a while to feel missed. For sure they would miss me too! Can't wait to be with them, the house is so lonely without them.
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