The weeks that past is so frustrating for me as i always lost my temper almost every day. I don't know why... But now i finally said No.. a BIG NO to anger, I promised myself to stop from getting mad. I think what's missing is that I forgot to ask help from God. Then I remembered that I received an email from Bo Sanchez last August entitled "How to Deal with your Temper".

I want to share again the article that says, I need to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! (just as I do)

STOP when I'm about to explode already, count from 1 to 10 if necessary or just go for a while to do some inhale and exhale to relax myself and most of all Pray before I face my kids again. This is really hard but yet effective.

LOOK for God in every situation especially on dealing with kids, imagine God loving You at the moment of testing and look for God's presence in every irritating circumstances. This one's very soothing..

LISTEN to God's instructions by asking self "Whats the wise thing to do?" Evaluate the root cause and think, think, think. One phrase that struck me is that Children don't listen to anger, they listen to action! By the way, I have just downloaded the e-book Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr Kevin Leman as suggested. Will keep you posted on my learnings there.

Truly, the big learning here is, IMPATIENCE comes from lack of trust in God's Love... Thank God for bringing me back to my own self and able to change for the better.
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  1. Suzy Says:

    Just step back and let God take control...Kevin Leman is wonderful, I've read most of his books!

  2. MomMye Says:

    Hi, so nice to hear that you're also reading his books..

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