In these days, we are often challenged to have a good ability of managing our financial aspect. This makes it difficult especially for those who are Stay-at-home moms. Of course we need to make sure proper balancing for us to avoid that health and wealth be compromised as we are into the verge of budgeting.

Since I resigned, I've been into constant search for ways on where to invest my retirement pay... and it started with attending a seminar about investing in the stock market which led me to the discovery of this great and wonderful money saving tip. This was discussed first since they are offering a long term investment program that requires to save money to increase the investment on a monthly basis.

Here's how the system goes, the salary will be divided into five envelopes namely :

1st envelope : Tithe
Tithing teaches us to be generous because it is an act of gratitude and faith. We do give thanks for the blessings and have faith that we will be provided for. My goal is to allot 10% of the earnings for I personally believe in the power of tithing!

2nd envelope : Expense Fund
This is what we spend for our daily needs including the monthly bills. Just the right discipline and you will learn how to live a simple life. Simplicity is the key..

3rd envelope : Support Fund
Fund used to support our extended families on their untimely needs.

4th envelope : Emergency Fund
This fund teaches how to be prepared for anything that requires spending money.
5th envelope : Retirement
The real savings according to Financial experts. There are several ways to prepare for the future, and one of them is investing in the stock market.

"Saving is not just for now but for the future." - Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time?
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