Do you ever feel like you' re in a traffic jam? ... where everything’s a standstill and every road to your destination seems blocked? This is what I'm feeling for the last two days, find my life too difficult because of my son Matthew. Were always engaged in discussions about finishing his school duties on time and finding it hard to accept his reasons for not following my instructions that often results in me yelling at him most of the time, and spanking sometimes. Little did I know, my problem is not being solved but just aggravating the situation. Making me feel guilty after a great confrontation with him, and feeling so stressed and wanting to give up.. and yet it's like, nothing for him..

Today I started my day feeling as light as possible, and managed half of the day already not getting mad or even yell. I prayed to God to give me more strength and the will to survive. I'm holding on to God as the one who makes a road through the wilderness and one who makes way where it seems impossible. Just have to trust and be committed to connect with Him daily.

"God's expertise.. is the impossible."
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