A former officemate chatted me today asking how I was after more than three months of being out of the corporate world, and as the conversation goes.. he then teased me that this coming Christmas I would miss two things terribly..I would miss receiving Christmas gifts and financial bonus from the company. Truly this is one the most awaited part of the year for most of us back then because it's the part of the year wherein the employees are being rewarded for the exemplary performance during the year. So I guess, this was the fulfillment of having a job and also a time to be happy.

This Christmas, I still have a bonus! just.. not the usual material thing. Nothing can compare to the happiness whenever I saw my kids being happy with me all the time. And whenever I joked that I will work again, they would beg not to and promise they would always be good. And oh, I get this bonus all year round!

My point of view right now is "Being happy especially during Christmas is not about having lots of material things but more of the happiness that makes me feel so fulfilled."
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  1. Suzy Says:

    Now that my children are grown, one of my biggest regrets was not spending enough time with them when they were're doing the right thing!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

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