It's been a week since I started on being a stay-home-mom, and i feel so happy now that I was able to do one of my dreams--that is to personally take care of my three growing up kids. One adjustment for me is sleep... I'm no longer used to rise early as 5:15am to prepare breakfast. For how many years there was always somebody to do this for us. But even i do lack of sleep i'm so proud because i was able to manage those days well and peaceful.

One of the things that i feared before in having this career is that i might not be patient enough to handle them well. It's not easy to be with three kids aged 7, 4 and 3! But as of my self evaluation, i usually get short-tempered when I'm tired. So for my first week, i did not push myself hard to do all the things that i wanna do like cleaning etc. According to some of my friend's experiences, i should avoid becoming too tired of the household chores to stay in good shape..not just for the body but also for the mind. At this point I want to establish a daily routine, schedule or plan for everything (to become more effective!) and imply what i have learned while working - Time Management.

On the coming week, I'm planning to change a bit... and be more serious about my new responsibilities. I will now start the day by praying and reading the bible for more blessings to come our way.
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