Six months ago, the whole family started sleeping in just one room -- our room for we only have two rooms in the house. This is to accomodate my mother who will be staying with us to help me on taking care of kids while I'm working. Honestly I did feel a special bonding with the kids with this setup because normally we do lots of hugging and cuddling before we go to sleep. And besides I think that I need to do this to take full advantage of them while they were still young. Sooner or later they will request to sleep on their own room, have their own likes and dislikes and many things will change.. They will no longer be mamas boys and girl.

And now that I'm already a full-time mom and my mother no longer lives with us, my husband decided that the kids will sleep on their room. His explanation was, he just wanted them to grow up and start to learn how to be independent. I feel happy about that but sad somehow because I will miss them. It's different that I know they're just beside me while sleeping.

This morning when my youngest son woke up, he sad mom.. I feel sad last night and can't sleep.. I want to be beside you but afraid to go out for fear that dad might get mad at me. Oh I just hugged him tight and assurred him that things it's okay... everything will be alright, maybe we have the same feeling last night that's why we both can't sleep well.

Tonight after praying the rosary at their room, we will let them sleep first before we will go to our room..
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