While we were walking as we go home after school, my son announced that two of his exam result was released already! I was so excited and rushing to open the door.. after getting in and check his papers, I was so shocked and couldn't speak because he got only half correct answers in English. During our lunch, my tears could't help but fall and my children saw it, especially him because he was sitting in front of me. I told him that I was so disappointed and that was the very first time I experienced total sadness.

My son is an intelligent boy and this was the lowest exam rating that he got since he started schooling, and I find it so hard accept it. Actually, it's only a matter of following directions, putting punctuations and sentence capitalization that made him wrong. There's no problem with his ability to understand the lessons, just following what is being told to do so and focus that is needed.

One of the reasons why I decided to stop working is to have more time on tutoring him. I noticed that when the lesson is repeatedly told to him and when he committed mistakes (except in Math) , he learns... he learns from his mistakes. I just hope he learned his lesson in this exam.

After so much thought, I think I should be partially be blamed for this. For the last 3months before my resignation, my focus was only on my work turn over.. to finish all my pending projects for the company before I leave. Maybe my time for my family especially to my schooling kids was sacrified. And I think what happened is just a consequence of having a wrong priority and poor time management.

My other lesson learned here is that, prayer is not enough ... I should really act, and again have a refurbished daily schedule that includes more time for him to study his lessons in advance.

The Pray! Prayer Journal: Daily Steps toward Praying God's Heart
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