Whenever my husband feels so stressed at work, he would usually open the computer and sing all the songs of Elton John. That's how he loved Elton and his songs! I think he would never get tired of listening to it, anyway I've heard all his music already and it's all nice. That's including those songs that for me is not that popular just as the song Daniel ;-)

Last night, when we were about to start our dinner, my husband said "I'm so tired today". Upon hearing this, my eldest son rushed into the computer and opened the Karafun -- a videoke software that I downloaded from the internet..then shouted C'mon Father, let's do the Karafun! Oh how I'm so touched by his gestures, he's so caring. If there is one thing that they enjoy doing both, it's singing! And it's always the song "Your Song" by Elton John of course to start off. Here's the video link from youtube that we never get tired of listening --  Just sharing...

So, right after our dinner they started to sing.That's including my two younger children whose just humming. That's so nice to look at, seeing that alone is already a stress reliever for me. I also joined them after washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

I always thank God for being so blessed to have children that really cares for me and my husband well, they make my career transition smooth and easy. Whenever I feel tired, I tell it to them. And one by one, they do make things that would make me happy and would later ask, Mom do you still feel tired? And of course, even if I'm still tired, because of their relentless effort (I think no Mother would say NO to this, agree?) I would definitely say a Big YES!

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